LQM: Why finding your sexual energy midlife can give you a new lease of life by Stephanie C Starla


When thinking of sexual energy, most people may think about themselves in their 20's, that zest for life where nothing will stop you. Truly living it to the fullest, falling in and out of love and sometimes in and out of bed with lovers. 

It has an intense wildness about it that can often diminish 20 years or more on.

Many women have resigned to the fact that their energy isn't the same as it once was. That it was great while it lasted, but 'nothing lasts forever'. Although longing to experience the potency they once had, the belief that level of wildness has passed them by and they 'should' feel lucky they got to experience it at all, often keeps them stuck.

It's usually after a decade or so of this thinking that women reach out to me stating that they feel lacklustre, lost, unsure of who they truly are and what they are here for. That lack of purpose and passion depletes them of any energy. They don't know what they can do – an irritation within them to surrender to their fate usually has them reaching out in the hope that there is something they could do to feel even a tiny bit more alive.

Our sexual energy is our life force. When we affirm to ourselves that it is no longer with us or that it was only available to us in our youth, we literally give that power away. If you are reading this and thinking, 'Yip! That's me!' and find yourself reminiscing about the past with a longing within to experience it again – then you are in for a treat!

Your sexual energy is still alive and kicking inside of you right now! The issue may be that you have neglected it and come out of alignment. Which is an easy enough fix!

As we grow and mature, so too does our sexual energy. The way we experience it and work with it begins to shift. Not dissimilar to how it transformed when many of us moved into Motherhood. That kind of creative energy was immense!

 Perhaps it is where the belief comes from that it will dissipate after such a surge! However, it is still there, calling for us to continue to co-create with us. Our baby making days may be over; however, the creation process within us is in full flow.

When you realise you can utilise this energy to create and birth ANYTHING you desire, you will start to feel its flow once more. So, what is that for you? Is it a new career or business? Perhaps that book you have always wanted to write? It could be a new lover you would like to experiment with or rekindle the passion in your existing relationship. 

What if you realised that you could literally be breathing life into yourself right now! The energy may not re-create the life you had when you were in your 20's, and let's be honest, would you really want it to? The life experience and wisdom you have now means you could create something quite extraordinary when you tap in!

It is available to you right now. In fact, it is calling you! If you are ready to feel alive and let your love for life become unleashed – then connect back in. Stop believing that it isn't available to you and embrace it with both hands! The time is now!

Stephanie C Starla is a sexual energy life and business coach and author.  Stephanie helps you to become successful, independent and abundant, knowing you are safe to raise your feminine, sexual energy to feel truly powerful and attractive.  It’s your time!

Stephanie has created a sacred coaching space – The Creatrix Matrix – to facilitate these changes and to help us unleash our passion for life.

Stephanie has launched ‘The Passion Priestess’, a romance novella and upcoming is ‘Priestess in the Boardroom’, a non-fiction book helping you to power up your business and career with the help of your own inner Priestess. Both books have corresponding coaching courses.