LQM: DIY skincare, get the glow naturally

Most of are swimming in a kind of toxic soup, we have so many different products containing so different synthetic chemicals and there is no way of knowing they interact.  By making your own skincare you can choose ingredients that are totally natural effective and inexpensive. There are eco benefits too, no packaging or harm to aquatic life once the potential toxins are washed away.  Your skin and hair has a chance to get back to its own ‘ph’ levels with natural ingredients.

Check out what’s in the kitchen cupboards first. Simple face masks can be made with any fruit and veg (or even the pulp from a freshly squeezed juice) that would otherwise go to waste. To get the consistency you like you can add ‘dry ingredients’ such as oatmeal, (healing and soothing for sensitive skin) Brewers yeast, ground almonds (gently exfoliating) , cornflour and chocolate (cacao) powder and for the ‘wet / binding ingredients coconut oil, shea butter, yoghurt and honey are excellent.

You can add Dead Sea salt  - great for an exfoliating scrub.  Almost anything (uncooked), if its relatively good for you to eat. will be beneficial for your skin.

DIY skincare is best made fresh to use or in very small batches, store in any clean container with a lid in the fridge, except essential oil blends which will last far longer, Coconut oil if left in ‘heat’ will turn to liquid oil, but solidifies when cold, the texture changes completely. It’s best to store oil based creations in dark glass bottles and keep away from sunlight.

Just because something is natural doesn’t mean you can’t be allergic to it, if you have an allergy to essential oils obviously don’t use, (avoid during pregnancy too) if you have a nut allergy don’t use any nut flour or almond oil. Generally though, used in the right quantities there aren’t any contra indications.

To cleanse the skin try an Ayurvedic aloe vera cleanser, this is especially cooling for those with menopausal symptoms or skin that tends to flush easily.

30 ml aloe vera gel 

30 ml rosewater

50 ml olive oil 

4 drops rose essential oil

2 drops grapefruit seed extract

A simple face mask for oily skin would be 2 teaspoons cornflour with 1 egg white.  

It’s hard to beat Facial oils for moisturising, and you can create a blend to suit how you are feeling.  Start with a carrier oil before adding essential oils, 

Anti ageing oil

50 ml rosehip mixed with 50 ml sweet almond oil

2 drops lavender oil

2 drops rose oil

1 drop Frankincense.

Chocolate indulgence

Mix together in a blender 2 tablespoons of raw organic cacao powder

1 tablespoon honey

1 tablespoon yoghurt

3 teaspoons fine oatmeal

Janey Lee Grace is the author of 

Look Great Naturally without ditching the lipstick 

& Happy Healthy Sober



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