LQM: The 5 magical steps to reconnecting with your Mojo


It’s so easy to lose our “mojo” in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And losing that spark, that bit of magic can often feel like a selfish thing to chase when you are juggling the wants and needs of everyone around you. But reconnecting with our mojo is essential to reconnecting with your truth, with your inner wise, to allow you to follow the path to your dreams. 

Most people will tell you to do lots of self-care, to start a new hobby, to get out of your comfort zone but when you are just feeling “bleurgh” about everything, that often isn’t what you need. 

 What we need to do is focus on our “Who?”, instead of chasing an ever illusive “Why?” “How?” and “What?”

 Why focus on your “Who”? We lose our self in our roles – partner, parent, spouse, carer, teacher – all of them an intrinsic part of us, but not necessarily who we truly are. Reconnecting with who we are, allows us to consider what we truly love in life and to find our mojo again.

 Here are 5 steps that can take you on your journey to reconnecting with your magical mojo, so you can shine your light brightly;

 1) Reconnect with who you are. 

The easiest way to do this is by doing a personality test. Personality tests often don’t tell you something you don’t know; they just remind you of your preferences which you may put to one side for others or the roles you play. Knowing this preference helps us to recognise where we are comfortable. Often the comfort zone is derided as a bad thing, but it’s actually where you go to recharge your batteries.  For example, understanding if you have a preference for Extroversion or Introversion. Extroverts get their energy from their external world and introverts from their internal world. An extrovert who is working on their own could lose their mojo as they get their energy from their external world by bouncing ideas off others or from external influences. Whereas an introvert gets their energy from their internal world, so spending a lot of time in social engagements can be draining and could make them lose their mojo. To find out if you are an extrovert or an introvert go to the website www.magicalmojocoach.com

 2) Identify what gives you energy and what drains you of energy. 

We should all do regular energy audits to determine the impact of the energy we interact with in our daily lives. The daily tasks, the work we do, the environment we are in and/or the people we interact with can all have a negative, a positive or a neutral impact on our energy levels. I am sure you know of people who drain you of energy and want to avoid those energy vampires, whereas certain people or tasks make you feel full of life. Do an audit and try to increase the energy gains and reduce the energy drains to ensure you have more gains in your life than drains. 

  3) Self-care for you - Knowing your personality 

preferences and your energy gains and drains means you can now identify what self-care looks like for you. It’s different for everyone – an extrovert may prefer a night out with friends, but those friends who have a positive feel-good energy, and an introvert may prefer a night curled up on their own with a good book. There is no right or wrong self-care, only the one that works for you.

 4) What sparks magic and wonder in your life? 

The things that makes your heart leap or gives you excited butterflies in your belly? We are often so lost in our phones, our to dos, our “must’s” and our “should haves”that we forget to stop and experience the magic and wonder in the world. This could be literally stopping to smell the roses, dancing in the rain, a rainbow, the perfect cup of tea. Each of us will have our own thing that gives us that childhood excitement and glee. What is yours? Spend a month looking for one piece of magic and wonder on a daily basis and note it down in a diary or journal. 

 5) Listen to your inner wise, your inner witch, your spirit, your soul – those gut instincts that are telling us exactly what we need. Our modern world has taught us to suppress this intuitive sense in ourselves. To ignore the gut feeling, the hunch, the random thing that pops in your head that makes you take a different route to work or buy a different lunch. We all have the answers inside us, if only we will listen. 

 Our mojo is not something elusive to be found down the back of the sofa with the missing car keys. It’s in our heart, our mind, our body and in every part of our being. But we need to listen to its gentle beat, its rhythm and start dancing to its tune. We will always have moments when we feel disconnected but coming back to these tools on a regular basis will help make these habits that we can incorporate into our daily lives.



Haulwen Nicholas is the author of The Book of Personality Tests available at all good bookstores. She is the Magical Mojo Coach and runs the Magical Mojo Academy – Life coaching with a hint of witchery. A qualified Myers Briggs practitioner, NLP Coach, Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Timeline Therapy TM practitioner, she has a passion for helping introverts to reconnect with their mojo to make their dreams come to life.