LQM: From the Sofa of the Editor: Why I bought a NEW dress (with pockets)

I was in two minds whether to post this recommendation, because for the last 12 years I have prided myself on the fact that I have not bought any clothes, new.  I have obviously bought new clothes. In 12 years my weight fluctuation alone would have seen me wearing some very odd outfits.   I have not bought new off the shelf, fast fashion.  Charity shops are my favourite place, and of course eBay and other pre-loved sites are helpful if I am looking for something specific.  The sheer excitement of walking into a charity shop and not knowing what you are going to find appeals to my sense of adventure.  I do have to say that a clear plan of what you need and what suits you is vital in making sure that you don't come home with a bag of tat that you will never wear.  That neon pink jumper may look fabulous in the moment and at £3.50 why wouldn't you? But in the cold light of day, what have you got to wear it with?  Is it going to wash out your complexion?  Is it really you?

So, with the charity shops closed due to the restrictions and the season changing, I was feeling like I was wearing the same thing every day.  I work from home so I need comfy but smart enough to leave the house in.  Doing the school run in my dressing gown is not an option (according to my daughter!). 

The circumstances leading up to my purchase were as follows:  Some Amazon vouchers for my birthday and a 'you might like this' message from Amazon.  Well, I did like, it is definitely my style and it had pockets.  Admittedly it doesn't have pockets big enough to put all my junk in, but I can put my hands in them and pose like an off duty super model ....

I spent several days thinking about buying the dress.  My decision not to buy new was a very conscious one and one that I have not wavered from in 12 years.  The choice to click the buy now button really was a difficult one.  In the end I did click and was happy with my purchase, it is a lovely quality dress which I will get a really good 'price per wear' out of.  The price per wear prediction was a relief.  If the dress had arrived unwearable, I would have been very upset.  I also reconciled my purchase with the fact that I have a very strict 'one in, one out' policy for my wardrobe.  The charity shop was assured of another item.  I do keep hold of classic and favourite pieces, but everything else gets rotated via the charity shops.  Every season they get a big bag of donations and I get to start building the next seasons wardrobe.

In conclusion; I truly believe that in life there are no bad decisions, only decisions that you can live with.  Can I live with my purchase of a (new) new dress?  Yes, I can.  It wasn't an impulse buy, I bought it with intention and thought.  I will wear it until it falls to pieces (or my daughter steals it).

Have a lovely weekend



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