LQM: From the Sofa of the Editor - Daily Self Maintenance

This is not me or my sofa, but it is an accurate representation!

 I have been so busy this week that I am in danger of loosing sight of the Living Quietly ethos.  But not quite, I love everything that I do and everything that I do brings value and joy to my life.  I am blessed.  A few weeks ago I thought very seriously about letting something go.  That was going to be a decision akin to choosing your favourite child.  So I didn't make it, I carry on doing the things that I do and have to adjust my support systems accordingly.

When I started LQM it was as much about living quietly in my head as it was about physical quietness.  Having had a stroke 5 years ago, a quiet mind is important, creating a healing space around me is vital and giving my body what it needs is a sensible lifestyle choice.  However, I am not perfect and more often than I would like to admit, my good intentions go astray.  

So, as a reminder to myself and to you, this is my checklist of daily self maintenance

1.  Exercise Away the Stress

Get rid of the cortisol before it builds up.  The body releases cortisol as part of the stress response, it attacks the body and can cause all sorts of problems if allowed to build up.  Hit a pile of pillows with a rolling pin, go to the gym, go for a walk or dance to your favourite songs.  Anything that gets your heart rate up will work (and yes, good sex is an excellent way to relieve stress from the body!)

2.  Stop Breathe Go

Moving quickly from one thing to another will overload your brain and cause the body to initiate the fight or flight response.  This triggers cortisol production (see above).  Take a break in between projects - cup of tea, a walk or 5 minutes staring out of the window will help your brain to process the last task and get ready for the next. 

3.  Say No

Easier said than done!  But this could translate as extending deadlines, delegating the jobs that do not inspire you (I pay my children to do housework).  Create time to be more focussed and to do the things that make you happy.

4.  Feed Your Body

There is no way around it - we are what we eat.  Eat crap and our bodies function accordingly especially as we get older.  Make time to eat, never eat on the run or at your desk.  You know where the changes need to be made and so do I - so lets just do it ....

5.  Feed Your Soul

Otherwise whats the point?  If you don't have the time to do the things that bring you joy, a whole list of things will need to change in your life.  Sometimes you will not have as much time as others but there is always time for something fun/relaxing/indulgent.  My favourite thing at the moment is watching trash TV in the bath - Ipad on a stand next to the bath, my favourite tipple in hand, candles and a 'do not disturb' sign on the door.  This is my bliss, my brain switches off, my muscles relax and my skin is nourished by what ever I fancy adding to the water - This one is my top tip!