LQM: 5 Ways to quietly show someone love and respect


I think about love and respect. And how nice it is to show them to people who mean something to us. To demonstrate our feelings. But not in that noisy, ugly way - in front of the public ... but quietly, intimately, between the two of us. It is often the small gestures that make the biggest impression.

Give a flower. 

I know that this is a gesture that should be addressed mostly to women, but the flower is a symbol of new life, spring, beauty. It can be both an explanation in love and a gift for opening a new office or store. Flowers are a universal gesture that does not cost much, but shows attitude. Don't just buy the first flower you see on the stand. Find out if the person you are going to give it to has a specific favourite. If you plan to give a flower in a pot, it is better to find out in advance in what colours the interior of the place where it will be placed is solved. As the red rose being given if you are in love, any other flower has a specific purpose. But we will talk about this in one of our next issues.

Share your mutual moments in the form of a memory. 

It may be too sentimental in today's material world, but I keep amazing memories with my friends, relatives and loved ones. I often open albums with old photos that capture some of our most beautiful moments together. To this day, if we see each other, we comment on events from 20 years ago with the same mood with which we experienced them then. If you really want to make someone happy, remind them of your common moments with a photo in a beautiful frame, and why not a collage with which to experience the great things that have happened to you! Fortunately, there is nothing today that cannot be printed. If you want to do something different and interesting, place your photo on a cup, pillow or wall clock. This is a small but valuable gesture.

Give them your music. 

This is so 90s and I just love it! Back then we used to record tapes or CDs for the people we loved. Today we can easily do this on a flash drive or as a playlist on YouTube or Spotify. Choose songs that you really love and that remind you of the person you're going to send them to. Let them be those on which you have experienced something together; ones that really mean something to you; ones that make you smile, cry, remember. Arrange them in chronological or other order that makes sense - tell a story! Music is a universal language that acts on our mind and soul like nothing else in the world. Rest assured that this will move the other person. The only investment here is the time you will spend, but it is always worth it when it is for someone you really love.

Show them you know them ... with a book. 

I remember 3 years ago, when I moved into a new apartment, my friends came to celebrate it and each of them gave me something. However, my best friend gave me two books. Well, I will tell you that it was the autobiographies of Lady Gaga and Madonna and I will stop there with the details... The idea is that this person knew what I like and gave me just that. He showed me that he knows me and it is no coincidence that he is in the first place in my heart. The book is truly a window to another world - often one in which we ourselves would prefer to be. Whether it's a love novel, a thick-cover encyclopedia, something by Stephen King that makes you shiver, or a fantasy trilogy - a well-chosen book says a lot about the one who gives it, and twice as much about the one who will be gifted.

And if so far we've been discussing inexpensive but still tangible gifts, now I want to talk a little bit about those other, intangible gestures. In a world where everything can now be bought with money, please the people you love and respect with attitude, a smile and a kind word. Real people will appreciate real gestures. Be honest, sincere, unadulterated. Tell the truth, look into the eyes. Hug hard and love between four walls. Quiet, beautiful, away from the noise of the city and the people lurking like birds of prey to steal your energy and happiness. Call your loved ones more often. Cook their favourite dinner. Ask them what they are doing this weekend and dedicate your time to them. In fact, isn't time the most valuable thing that can neither be bought nor returned? It flows relentlessly. So what better and more valuable gesture than giving it to someone you really love?

Vasil Tranenski


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