TLPH: The Chelsea Sett Book 1

Mary Louise Barker was born on the 8th of December 1913 and died on 20th April 1940, she had watched her family mourn at her graveside, fighting the urge to go to them and tell them everything, but they would never have accepted the truth, so Mary had let the German bombs mask her passing. Her life growing up in the East End of London had been hard, she knew the feeling of hunger and she had watched with acceptance as her desperate mother had sold her body for pennies to keep a roof over their heads. Her father had been a hero in the First World War, he had left a widow and two children, but that was so quickly forgotten, there were so many widows, so many children left without the security of a father. She had watched her mother crying in the rubble of a building that she believed to have killed her only daughter, her brother had gone to war only a few weeks before and just for a moment, Mary had considered running into her mothers empty arms, but fear rooted her to the spot and the moment passed. Scarlett Malone was born several months later, although it was a while before she had the documents to prove it.