TBH: Introducing The Bewitching Hour

Vasil and I are very excited to bring you our new show - The Bewitching Hour. 

But why is it called The Bewitching Hour, I hear you ask ….

It goes back to the days gone by, when folklore, religion and witchcraft were the stories that explained

the world.  The hour between 3 and 4am was thought to be when the veil between the physical world

and the spiritual world was at its thinnest.  There are many theories as to why this may be the case and

one of the most credible being, that babies cry in the small hours of the night.  A crying baby was possibly

seeing supernatural entities?  

In modern times, people who follow a more spiritual path, still recognise the Bewitching or Witching Hour

as being one of magic and promise.  The Witching Hour is that peaceful period that marks the end of the

night and the beginning of day.

In 1535, the Church forbade activities from 3-4 a.m because they were worried about  the practice of

witchcraft.  In fact anyone found out and about during that time was trialed as a witch and we all know

how that would end.  Sneaking out of your lovers window in the early hours of the morning was going to

get you in trouble in more ways than one.

As regards to our show.  I wanted to create a show that would keep people company in the middle of the

night.  Whatever the reason for being up in the small hours of the morning a friendly voice can make all

the difference.  Especially if you are going through a tough time, feel lonely or isolated.  That's the reason

I got into radio; I have had times in my life when I felt lonely and it was the voice on the radio that got me

through the night.

The station manager found us a slot at 3am.  Now I am one of those people who follow a more spiritual

path, so getting the Bewitching Hour slot seemed like magick! And here we are …

And Vasil?  Well, I think he is magic and I am sure you will too.

Come feel the magic with Vasil and I at 3am Tuesday to Friday, we would love your company.

You can also listen to us on catch up here on the website or come and say hello over on facebook

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