LQM: 4 Ways to Embrace the Spring


Wake Up the Digestive System

The Liver is the bodies’ planner and the principal organ for helping eliminate toxins and detoxifying the blood which helps the body, metabolise carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Eat the rainbow in fruit and vegetables to help the Liver function properly.

There is also research that suggests that drinking coffee has an effect in protecting the liver from fatty deposits.

Wake Up your Home

Yes this is where the cleaning comes in …

Throw open the windows, get rid of the dust and banish the clutter.  Swap out your winter themed soft furnishings with the fresh colours of spring and summer.  Light citrus candles and get out your cocktail shaker!

Connect with Nature

Now is the time to fill your windowsills with seedlings.  Wander around the garden and see what needs doing.  Start a planting journal.

And go walking.  As we come out of lockdown the number of places that we can visit opens up.  Why not go and say hello to the sea? 

Find your Soul Food

These are the things that make you happy.  The end of lockdown means connecting with family and friends.  It also means that sports clubs and leisure venues will start to reopen.  Just getting a proper haircut will fill our souls with relief and joy.